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In Thunderbolts of the Gods Talbott and Thornhill have combined their knowledge and expertise to present solid evidence for a revised view of Earth s history. Their work reveals that the tales, artifacts, customs and petroglyphs of the ancients that have come down to us through the fog of time tell a mutually consistent and powerful single story. Our planet s past has been filled with cataclysmic events some of which were witnessed by our early ancestors. At first, modern scientists claimed these events were physically impossible. But now it is becoming clear that not only the geological record provides strong evidence for these cataclysms, but the emerging study of plasma cosmology also demonstrates how these events could have indeed occurred. Only a few books rise to the level of importance whereby we can say This book truly changed my view of history . In my opinion this is such a book because once you have read it you will never look at art, ancient literature, mythology, opera, history, archeology, anthropology, or astronomy with the same eyes ever again. –Donald E. Scott, Ph.D., retired professor of electrical engineering and author of The Electric Sky

Mainstream astronomy holds that the Solar System has remained stable and essentially as we see it today for billions of years, cycling with regular, repeating motions that can be extrapolated backward to reliably reconstruct conditions in the remote past. The assumptions upon which this belief rests date back over three centuries to the times of Kepler, Newton, and Laplace, which see a cosmos consisting of electrically neutral bodies moving in a vacuum under the sole influence of gravity. Yet space is now known to be pervaded by electrical plasma, and there is strong evidence that the planets and other bodies carry electric charge. Charged objects immersed in plasma spontaneously form double-layer isolating sheaths around themselves that contain their fields and prevent mutual electrical interaction. For as long as planets move without their “magnetospheres” coming into contact, quiescent conditions like those that exist today will prevail, which are indeed accurately modeled by gravitation. But should some disturbance or instability occur that causes magnetospheres to intersect, the bodies involved will experience sudden complex forces immensely more powerful than gravity, accompanied by-if they are at different potentials-colossal electrical discharges between them. In Thunderbolts of the Gods, David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill present a compendium of evidence from diverse sources showing that not only have such events affected the Earth, but they have done so within the time of recorded human history! From as far apart as China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Americas, peoples of ancient times have left records in their myths, legends, religions, and art forms, of skies vastly different from those we see today, alive with spectacles of light, violence, and seeming heavenly deities in conflict that not only battled each other but brought widespread death and devastation to Earth. –James P. Hogan, Author of Kicking the Sacred Cow

About the Author

Raised in Portland, Oregon, David Talbott majored in education and political science and founded two statewide organizations aimed at upgrading the quality of education at secondary and higher education levels. From 1972 to 1975, he published a ten-issue journal, Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered, provoking renewed international interest in the work of the pioneering theorist. A few years later, following a lead provided by Velikovsky himself, he completed a book he called a reconstruction of the ancient sky. The Saturn Myth was published by Doubleday in 1980, and his original research provided a foundation for the independent investigations of several other scholars and scientists in the years to follow. Born and schooled in Melbourne, Australia, Wallace Thornhill completed a science degree at Melbourne University, majoring in physics and electronics. Careers in Melbourne, Canberra, and England have taken him from meteorology to IBM and the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra. He was persuaded that the celestial dramas Talbott had proposed were plasma discharge phenomena. The two reconnected in 1994 and 1997 at international conferences in Portland, Oregon, and this began a partnership devoted to a new vision of the universe and of planetary history.



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